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Ijoined LINK near the end of last year. I had a few different jobs before then,but none of them really impacted me the way that LINK has. Before it was moreabout getting through the day, but now that’s not enough anymore because thisjob gives you targets every day, and you get a great sense satisfaction whenyou ultimately reach those targets.

Thefirst thing I want to say about LINK is how professional everyone here is, myfirst week at LINK is probably one of the most eye-opening experiences in myprofessional career. From the very beginning, everyone’s treated as an integralpart of the company, all the mentors are so nice and they guide you throughevery problem that you might have, whether it be big or small. After work, theybecome friends that you can trust and rely on. You become so involved that youfeel like you are part of something much greater.

Workingat LINK has definitely changed the way I act and behave. I used to be prettyshy before joining LINK, but when you’re put in a social situation, it reallypushes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to become a cheerful,smarter person. And that works for you in a big way when you are just startingwith your professional career.

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